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Our experience in providing business solutions for our clients has helped them overcome the technological challenges that most businesses face.  We are located in Spokane, Wa, and we offer classic on-site or remote assistance right over the internet!

Our business philosophy revolves around our personal motivations and beliefs such as establishing business relationships rather than immediate sales.  We want to be part of your business growth as an extension of your company rather than an outside support element.  We accomplished this by providing tailored solutions and support to fit your business needs.

computer repair spokane


Application Development

Website and Application Development & Hosting. Based in Spokane, Washington, we’ve been developing web solutions for 16 years and support a wide range of technologies.


Boost up your system

Maybe all your PC needs is some tender love and care: We can connect to your PC remotely and tune it up by removing junk, cleaning your registry, and removing pop-ups and toolbars.


Computer Security

Our Anti-Virus solution is the best performing software available and our System Management software “Desktop Pro” provides 24/7 active monitoring, tuning, content control, and threat reporting.



Need to share resources within your office, or perhaps across the country? We can support, maintain, and monitor your network environment from Spokane to Timbuktu and back.  Call us today. 509-295-8700


“Thank you so much for cleaning up my computer from all the irritating pop-ups and viruses.”

– Thank you so much!  Betty Ann Garrison

Why Choose Us ?

Reliable, Fast & Knowledgeable

Has Someone Penetrated Your PC, Server or Network?

Everyday thousands are infected and never know it. Below Is a visualization of just such an event.


The Best Price

Our prices are always reasonable. Utilizing our 25 years of experience, we work with your best interest in mind.


Great Support

We  have the experience to provide excellent support and we treat every customer with respect.


Fast Service

We pride ourselves on quick, efficient, do-it-right the first time service.

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